jeudi 22 septembre 2016

Talk radio is not dead and will never be!

I’m not a YouTuber, I’m a talk radio host. More precisely, I am a talk web radio host since autumn 2005. I started my « career » at a station that doesn’t exist any more called Rockik.

The main reason why I am doing this is because I’m a talk radio lover. Here, in Quebec city, we have a great history of controversial radio hosts that goes back to the beginning of the 70’s, but probably even before. I was born in 1976 and as far as I remember, I have memories of listening to radio stations when I was 8 or 9 years old. For sure, at that time, it wasn’t as much as today, it really started as a passion for me during the 90’s.

The thing I love with talk radio, is that it keeps your mind free when you are listening to it. It serves a different purpose than a TV show, you can think, you can do something else but still, you are hearing what’s on the program.

I am not telling that radio shows are better than a YouTube video or TV program, I am just telling you that it serves a different purpose. It’s a different way to reach an audience. Like everyone else, I am watching some TV shows and YouTube videos, but when I do, I must stop everything I am doing to be able to concentrate on the content that is displayed. This is OK, that’s what I want when I am doing this.

I also create videos from time to time, but this is not what I prefer and of course, this is reflected in my videos in the way that when I am recording a message for my crowd in a video, I do it in one shot, like I would do in a radio show… which is not the best thing for a video. I am well aware that a good video needs montage and mixing but I don’t have the time and the talent to compete will all the YouTubers out there… and this is not the goal.

This is why, you should never evaluate my work with my videos. Instead, take some time to listen to my podcasts. I record them live because in real life, when you talk to someone, you can’t stop and remix your speech to make it perfect. Perfection is not a goal in the talk radio world, the goal is the message, the content that we want to deliver.

Talk radio is not dead and will never be. It may be less popular than TV shows and YouTube videos but there will always be a need for it.

Next Monday will be my 1000th podcast in the Knights of News format… but overall, I have completed more than 1500 web radio shows. Most of them are about world news and important stuff we need to talk, I am really proud of that.

Give a try to my podcast next week because now, I'll do that in "ludicrous speed"! My English accent and skills may not be perfect, but for sure, I will still talk about very important stuff we ALL should care, stay tuned!

- Jonathan

PS: You can find my complete "podcastrography" at but WARNING, there is pretty OLD stuff in there that now is complexity irrelevant.

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